Atlantis the Eyewitnesses

Atlantis the Eyewitnesses A 9619 BC Document Proves Atlantis and the Flood of Myth Described by Plato were Real

Atlantis the Eyewitnesses
A 9619 BC Document Proves Atlantis and the Flood of Myth Described by Plato were Real
I became intrigued with the stories of Atlantis while I was still in grammar school.  I read many of the dozens of books about Atlantis.  I continued to read the new ones as they came out.  Generally I was disappointed by the meager evidence that the authors presented.
I wanted to believe that Atlantis was real but I could not understand why its only ancient mention is by Plato.  Why would such a great story not be found all over the where?
I decided to search for any ancient literature that may talk about Atlantis.  To my surprise I found dozens of ancient documents that referred to a great civilization that was destroyed by a great flood.  I read of the many migrations from this ancient civilization and how the immigrants continued to practice cultural activities from their “mother land”, the Atlantis Paradise.  Many continued to refer to the destroyed Atlantis as the Shinning Paradise.
I was also surprised to learn that this enormous amount of ancient information about Atlantis could be found in the folklore of almost every civilization that came after Atlantis.
Why do the “scholars” continue to say that Plato was the only ancient who wrote about Atlantis?  I just could not understand.
I continued my search and found several references to Atlantis and the events of its destruction in the Bible.
Putting all of this information together provided conclusive proof that Atlantis was real.
The evidence also shows that Atlantis was the basic foundation of the great Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations that followed. 
Atlantis was the foundation of all we are and all we know.

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